who are we?

The Imperial Fulfillment Center is conveniently located in upstate New York near the important commercial border crossing at Lacolle, Quebec and Champlain, NY, approximately one hour’s drive south of Montreal. Imperial has more than 25 years’ experience in the fulfillment and distribution business offering such services to domestic as well as a variety of Canadian startups looking for a cost efficient means to launch their products in the U.S. market. Our customers produce and/or market a wide variety of products. From the stringently controlled world of skin care products, compression technology garments and varied ladies garments to vision care products specifically designed for veterinary use, manufacturers trust Imperial’s ability to adapt to each of its customer’s business processes and communications in order to contribute to their success in the market. We continue to grow with our customers and look forward to helping you better service your logistics needs in the United States and beyond.

Imperial Fulfillment Center